Quick Motorcycle Jacket Tips

A little bit of planning and preparation can make a big difference in your next ride.

Yes, I say things like this a lot, but just like you maintain your motorcycle for maximum performance you also need to maintain your leather. It is not just so you get the maximum number of miles out of your motorcycle jacket, but also to minimize getting wet in the rain. Sure when going on long trips you pack a rain suit, but even a 25 mile ride soaking wet (especially if it is cold) makes for an unpleasant ride.

For motorcycle jackets you can get the products to clean, condition and waterproof them at any leather store or online. The waterproofing products can make a huge difference in the amount of water that gets through your jacket. The big things here are apply the product generously, a number of times, on a regular basis and especially to the seams.

This will help you to be comfortable getting to your destination, if your destination is not home the time at your destination will be more enjoyable, it will minimize drying time, avoids making the ride home unpleasant, and of course will help your leather jacket last longer.

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